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Finding objective, scientific information about addiction and its treatment can be very difficult. That is why we created eDrugRehab, a comprehensive online resource to help individuals suffering from addiction learn more about the process and find the best treatment option for their specific needs and budget.

Addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, or gambling, is a devastating condition that affects the entire family. Once addicted, it often becomes impossible for an individual to stop on their own, even in the face of severe consequences. Fortunately, professional help is available.

Use this website to educate yourself about addiction and the types of treatment that are available. Doing so will help you to understand more about what is happening to you or your family member and help you to find the best solution for your particular circumstance.

Addiction Resource Articles

Unintentional Injury and Death Under the Influence

Every year, many people in the U.S. unintentionally injure themselves or others while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, other substances, or a combination thereof. Some of these incidents result in early death. This article provides an overview of the rates of... Continue Reading »

A Double-Edged Sword: Amy Winehouse and the Dangers of Addiction and Withdrawal

On July 23, 2011, millions of her fans were shocked to learn of the death of British singer–songwriter Amy Winehouse at the age of 27.  Some in her immediate circle, however, were saddened but not particularly surprised.  According to Winehouse&rsqu... Continue Reading »

Pill Mills: The DEA's Newest Target

Addiction to prescription medications is a growing problem in the United States and many other countries (Read Parents & Pills: Unintentional Drug Dealers).  Although doctors have taken an oath to “do no harm,” they are still only human and may... Continue Reading »

Substance Abuse Among Runaways

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substance abuse among runaway adolescents is alarmingly high (Read NIDA’s Addiction Performance Project). But what accounts for this phenomenon and what can be done to prevent it from happening to your... Continue Reading »

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