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About Us

eDrug Rehab is the premier addiction treatment resource in North America. With multiple locations and treatment options, we create personalized treatment programs for each client based on their unique circumstances.  At eDrug Rehab we put the needs of the patient and their families first.

Our Mission

We are a team of experts who have recognized that for addicts and their families caught in the devastating illness of addiction, finding the right treatment during a time of crisis can be very difficult. eDrug Rehab's mission is to work with addicts and their families to create personalized recovery plans that take into account the individual's background, values, and financial situation. We have assembled a large network of North America's highest quality intervention specialists, drug detox and addiction treatment facilities so that we can match each patient with exactly what they need.

Our Philosophy

eDrug Rehab's philosophy is that each alcoholic or drug addict is an individual and that true recovery depends upon a personalized treatment plan. Like any other medical illness, addiction is a complex problem with many different paths leading to it. No two addicts have the same history and no two addicts will recover in exactly the same way. Because we specialize in the complete treatment of addiction from detox, to residential rehab, to outpatient aftercare, you can be sure that we will find the perfect match for your needs.


At eDrug Rehab, we understand that the cost of drug treatment can be a tremendous burden upon addicts and their families. Because we work with such a large number of treatment specialists, we are able to provide each addict with a number of options and work with them to find the best solution in each case.


We offer compassionate and individualized treatment plans for all clients. We believe that by tailoring our programs to your specific needs the greater the opportunity for you or your loved one to recover. This approach is especially successful for those who:

  • Need a truly discreet program
  • Have chronic relapse issues
  • Need individualized services
  • Are new to recovery and treatment


Intervention is an extremely important step in the treatment process. Although not always necessary, an intervention is the most effective way to help and addict or alcoholic who is unwilling to admit they have a problem begin the recovery process. The goal of an intervention is to help the addicted individual enter a treatment center and receive the care they need before they move further down the destructive path of addiction. Interventions are particularly effective for those who:

  • Refuse to admit they have a problem
  • Have consequences due to their alcohol or drug use
  • Have never received treatment before
  • Require specialized assistance

24-hour Hotline

If you are looking for drug or alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one, call eDrug Rehab now and we will design and put into action a recovery plan based on your or your loved one's personal needs. We will take care of every detail from setting up an Intervention (if necessary) to arranging transportation and admission to the drug detox and drug rehab facility that is the best fit for your situation. Recovery from the disease of addiction is possible but it is up to you to take the first step. Please give us a call now at the number above to speak directly with one of our experts or visit our Contact Page for more information.

eDrug Rehab Resources

If you or a member of your family is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, we encourage you to make use of these resources below:

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