State Drug Laws

Are you a friend or relative of someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and wonder whether you can force that person to go through detox and treatment at a rehab facility?  Have you or someone you know been arrested and are now facing a drug-possession charge that you hope can receive a sentence of rehab instead of jail time?

The federal government has left the answer to these and a number of other substance-abuse-related questions to the jurisdiction of individual states.  In some cases, like the Marchman Act in Florida, loved ones can petition the state on behalf of the person who needs the help.  Other states do not provide options for family and friends to legally intervene.  Drug courts, which commonly hear cases related to possession, use, and distribution of illegal substance, are prevalent in many states.  They also sometimes distinguish between crimes related to driving under the influence as well.  A number of states do allow (and, in some cases, require) non-violent defendants to pursue treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction instead of receiving a sentence of jail time.

The articles for individual states below address these questions and may cover such topics as drug testing for employees and employers, medical marijuana, and other related topics.  Keep in mind that laws change frequently and that the specifics of each case may change the exact nature of the outcome.  For these reasons, the information contained therein should only be considered general; it is imperative that you contact an attorney for advice on your matter.

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