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Arizona is a primary stronghold for drug transportation and smuggling by major Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs). The inhospitable border between Arizona and Mexico is sparsely populated and not often patrolled by law enforcement agencies, making it ideal for smuggling drugs. The state serves as a delivery point for illicit drugs to be distributed to other states. Multiple varieties of drugs brought in – heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and precursor chemicals for cub drugs and hallucinogens.

Arizona drug rehab centers & treatment offer intervention counseling to substance abusers no longer in control of their behavior due to the effects of the drugs. The first step to recovery is getting the addict to become aware that they have a problem. The next step in drug treatment is withdrawal from the drug through medically supervised detoxification (detox). This can be very difficult and physically painful and is one of the primary stumbling blocks for an addict.

Once the drug abuse victim is clear of the chemical dependency on the drug, he or she can begin to actively participate in their own recovery. The next phase of drug rehab involves various forms of individual and group counseling. The recovering addict must learn a new set of skills that enables them to live productively in society and deal with the issues that drove them to using illicit drugs in the first place. Drug treatment is typically an ongoing reality for the rest of the addict’s life through programs outside the drug rehab centers.




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