Maryland Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Because of its close proximity to Washington, D.C, Maryland is associated with drug trafficking and high crime. Cocaine and crack abuse are rampant on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland’s largest urban city.  Heroin use continues to be problematic, and Baltimore has the highest number of heroin addicts and heroin-related crimes than other cities in the U.S. Recently, designer drug, OxyContin and pharmaceutical abuse are on the rise in Maryland.  

Maryland drug rehab centers & treatment are fighting the high drug abuse statistics by offering addicts a way out of this destructive lifestyle. High rates of substance abuse also contribute to high rates of crime, homelessness unemployment.   

Before a patient can begin the recovery process, they need to first admit they have a substance abuse problem. After they face the fact that they are addicted to drugs, the detoxification process can begin. Because of the influx of a wide variety of drugs, there are detoxification programs geared towards each drug such as heroin and OxyContin. Because withdrawal symptoms vary for each drug, each detoxification needs to be handled with the right procedures and trained specialists.  

Maryland drug rehabilitation programs offer services for the hearing-impaired and for disabled patients. There are also specialized services available such as including job counseling, housing services and HIV/AIDS testing.  

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