Massachusetts Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Colombian and Dominican drug traffickers have overtaken the state of Massachusetts. Cocaine and heroin are the most popular drugs of choice for addicts. OxyContin is also a popular substitute for heroin along with the following drugs: methamphetamines, ecstasy and marijuana. Drugs are also transported from nearby New York, Florida and the southwest border. 

Because of the high rate of substance abuse in the state, Massachusetts drug rehab centers & treatment offer a safe haven for addicts trying to kick their drug habit. Because heroin and cocaine are highly addictive, detoxification (detox) programs are required as part of drug treatment. Detox programs are able to physically remove drug residue from addicts’ body before the actual recovery process can begin. Detoxification is a healthier alternative because sudden withdrawal from drugs can be dangerous to a person’s system.  

Some rehab facilities in Massachusetts offer intervention services. Intervention involves a concerned family member or friend who intervenes on the drug addicts behalf. Families and friends gather together to face the addict in a safe, nurturing environment and encourage them to seek treatment. The key to the recovery process is when drug addicts acknowledge they have a drug problem and realize they need help. 

For addicts who are both physically and mentally ill because of their abuse, they may be required to go through in-patient treatment. They are carefully supervised by counselors and doctors. Some patients may be seen as a risk to themselves or family members and may require more care and support. 








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