Montana Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Methamphetamine use and production continues to be a big problem for law officials in Montana. Montana also battles with heroin and marijuana trafficking from bordering Canada and Mexico, the southwest border, and the Pacific Northwest. Marijuana is the most used drug in Montana and meth labs are found throughout the state. Following the pharmaceutical illegal drug trend across the country, OxyContin has become a widely abused drug.  

In order to combat this epidemic drug problem, Montana drug rehab centers & treatment offer a safe recovery environment for drug addicts. Programs such as heroin and OxyContin detox are available throughout Montana cities.  Addicts in Montana don’t have to fight their drug abuse problems alone. They get their life back on track by choosing either an inpatient or outpatient treatment center that will fit their needs. Not all drug addicts have the same type of addiction and some patients may need more medical care through in patient treatment. 

Montana rehab programs also offer after-care services when the patient is released from their treatment. Counseling, support groups and social services such as housing, child care, HIV/AIDS testing, and job placement helps make the transition into clean and sober living easier for patients.



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