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Nevada is known for its large production of crystal meth and crack cocaine. Because of its proximity to California, Nevada serves as a shipping point to central and eastern areas of the U.S.  Club drugs such as GHB and MDMA are popular in big cities like Las Vegas. Pharmaceutical drugs such as Xanax and Lortab are widely abused and sold on the streets.  

Because of the prevalence of drug abuse in Nevada, Nevada Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment provide a wide variety of rehabilitative services for drug addicts.  Recovering from drug abuse isn’t an overnight fix and can be a stressful process. Detox programs in Nevada offer step-by-step services to help patients rid their body of lingering drug residue. Once patients are healthy again and don’t have any withdrawal symptoms, the recovery process can begin. 

Drug abuse is a serious problem in Nevada and there are over 200 treatment facilities found within the state.  The centers offer residential in patient programs and addiction recovery support.  These detox centers don’t use alternative drugs to treat patients and also provide after-care support when patients leave the centers. 

A sober, clean lifestyle is a life-long commitment. Families and friends can learn how to support their loved ones so they don’t have a relapse. Other services such as employment counseling, housing and disabled services are also available for patients who need extra help.


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