Oregon Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Marijuana is the leading drug found in Oregon and is smuggled across the border to Washington and nearby Canada.  Methamphetamine labs are also growing in the state and meth has become a widely abused substance.  Hispanic drug traffickers also sell Mexican black tar and brown heroin, which also contributes to Oregon’s growing drug problem. Ecstasy, Vicodin and Xanax are also popular street drugs that can be easily bought.  

Because of Oregon’s rising drug abuse problems, Oregon drug rehab centers & treatment are much needed in the state. Oregon treatment facilities focus on detoxification programs and cognitive-behavioral counseling for addicts who undergo long term in patient care.  Counseling sessions help them identify with other addicts who are going through similar issues. They also learn how to socialize with other patients and how to take responsibility for their actions. They are taught how to value their self-worth and how to avoid negative triggers that could make them relapse.  

The recovery process also involves continued support from families and friends. Oregon treatment centers offer family support services and help loved ones deal with their family member’s addiction in a healthy and loving environment.  Oregon rehab programs also offer patients a wide variety of social services including job counseling and housing placement.  













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