South Carolina Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Because of its coastal proximity, drug traffickers from Haiti and Cuba easily transport drugs such as cocaine and marijuana into the Port of Charleston. The Port of Charleston is one of the largest containerized seaports on the Eastern United States which makes it easily accessible for drugs to be shipped into the state. 

Illegal trafficking of drugs into South Carolina has also increased drug abuse within the state. South Carolina drug rehab centers & treatment assist drug addicts with the recovery process. These detox centers provide helpful tools to recovering addicts and offer support and guidance through their step-by-step program. The first step in treatment is detox (detoxification) which cleanses and rids the body of the remaining drug substances. When the body is finally flushed out of any remaining drug residue, patients are able to think clearly and start their recovery journey with both a healthy body and mind. 

Some South Carolina treatment centers provide an alternative approach to recovery by offering holistic therapies such as supplements and herbs along with a health exercise routine. Many treatment programs also combine both mental health services and physical therapy for patients to help them combat their drug addiction.  

Recovering addicts won’t feel alone while going through South Carolina treatment programs. Their program will be specifically tailored by trained medical professionals and counselor to suit their specific needs.



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