Vermont Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Pure level heroin and marijuana usage have become rising problems within the state of Vermont. Because of its proximity to Canada, drugs are easily transported over the border.  Cocaine has also become a significant issue especially in urban areas within Vermont.

Because of 56,000 Vermont citizens who currently use drugs, there is a huge need for Vermont drug rehab centers & treatment. There is a big focus on detox programs in Vermont because of the influx of drug abuse.  Detox allows the body to recover naturally rather than relying on alternative prescription drugs to wean the body. Highly addictive substances such as marijuana and cocaine may talk longer to get out of the system so detox is an important step in the recovery process.

Vermont rehab centers focus on treating the whole person both physically and mentally. Recovering addicts go through several steps before they are able to lead a clean and sober life. They attend counseling sessions with trained therapists, learn how to take care of their bodies, and are taught how to deal with problems instead of turning to drugs.

Recovering drug addicts need a strong support network and Vermont rehab programs offer treatment in nurturing and safe environments. Family counseling is also available for loved ones of drug addicts and after-care services are available for patients once they leave treatment.



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