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The mid-Atlantic region has been historically known for illegal drug trafficking. Virginia has seen an influx of meth labs and sales and marijuana and crack cocaine are widely distributed within the state due Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Virginia has many highways and is easily accessible to neighboring states which makes them a prime target for drug trafficking. 

However, this rising drug problem is being solved with the help of Virginia drug rehab centers & treatment.  These drug rehab centers offer both counseling programs and family treatment to help addicts with their recovery process. Steady recovery involves a committed support network. Treatment also includes individualized counseling, because many people who abuse drugs have low self-esteem and self-worth issues.  

Detox is another key component in the recovery process. If detox is performed improperly, the body and mind can be permanently damaged.  Due to its severity, detox needs to be overseen by trained medical doctors in an in-patient environment where patients receive around-the-clock care.  Drug rehab programs can last from one to four months. Addicts will learn coping techniques so they can improve their day-to-day life. Studies have shown that long term inpatient program provide better and longer-lasting results compared to outpatient programs. Addicts have more flexibility with outpatient programs which makes it easier for them to leave treatment, relapse and start using drugs again.



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