Cocaine Treatment

Treatment for cocaine addiction includes short-term cocaine detox, rehabilitation in a pre-arranged facility, and long-term lifestyle changes. In most cases, successfully stopping cocaine addiction requires the efforts of a team of highly qualified professionals in conjunction with close friends and family of the addict. It is also crucial that cocaine detox be closely monitored to avoid any negative side effects that may occur. Additionally, after the physical changes that occur during detox, rehabilitation is a necessary guide for helping to establish behavioral chances that will be necessary for the recovering addict to avoid returning to cocaine.

Please remember, however, that rehabilitation does not end when the individual is discharged from the facility. Recovering addicts should look into support programs in their communities, and consider finding a mentor. With a mentor, the person will always have someone to call if they feel tempted to return to the drug. Family and friends must also continue the support that they offered during the cocaine intervention, and be available to help the recovering addict when necessary.

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