Crack, also called crack cocaine, is a modified form of cocaine that is smoked by the user. This route of administration produces a much faster and more intense high than snorting cocaine because the smoke is absorbed into the lungs and immediately enters the bloodstream. Crack is so addictive that users often lose everything over the course of a few months.

Crack’s addictive properties can be attributed to its ability to modify brain chemistry. Every time the substance is consumed, the brain receives a positive reward signal. If the addict attempts to stop using the drug, they will experience anxiety and depression. Additionally, the health consequences of crack abuse and crack addiction are numerous and severe. Like all forms of cocaine, crack can cause malnourishment, strokes, heart attacks, and seizures – even in individuals who are young and/or healthy. Furthermore, the substances that are used to dilute the crack can do serious damage to the lungs and lead to fatal lung diseases.

Before any of these events happen – or become more frequent or severe – we encourage you to call eDrug Rehab. Our crack treatment program includes a medically monitored crack detox process as well as a crack rehab program that is guided by a team of professionals at a well equipped facility. We are committed to the complete rehabilitation of the addict as well as the healing of family and friends. However, you need to make the call to first set up a crack intervention before the process can begin. For more information, please visit the contact us page.

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