Heroin Treatment

Treatment for heroin addiction first requires that the addict acknowledge the problem and accept help for it. Heroin is a highly addictive illegal substance, and addicts often are unable or unwilling to seek help on their own. In many cases, a heroin intervention is a necessary step on the path to recovery.

Once the addict accepts help, they will be relocated to a treatment facility where they will first undergo a medically monitored heroin detox. The remainder of their time at the facility will be spent in a rehabilitation program. The program is designed to give the addict the knowledge and skills necessary to live an addiction-free life once they have left the facility. This includes individual and group counseling as well as help finding services and resources available in their area. Even though the recovering addict will have learned how to accept responsibility for maintaining their sobriety once they leave the facility, a supportive network of family and friends is still an important element in this phase of the recovery process.

While each phase of treatment requires effort and commitment, the right approach will help prevent devastating physical, emotional, and social consequences in the future. eDrug Rehab offers a range of services to help addicts and their families and friends overcome the struggles associated with heroin addiction. Please contact us today.

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