Oxycontin is a prescription opiate used to treat the severe pain associated with such medical conditions as cancer and spine injury. Like most opiates, Oxycontin is derived from the sap of the opium poppy [Papaver somniferum] and is a central nervous system depressant. As such, Oxycontin provides the user with relief from pain as well as an intense feeling of relaxation and euphoria. For this reason, Oxycontin can be as addictive as Heroin.

Oxycontin is manufactured in a time release pill form. However, many people who start to abuse Oxycontin and develop an addiction do not take the pill as prescribed; they use different methods of administering the drug such as chewing, snorting, and/or intravenous injection. These forms of delivery destroy the time release mechanism of the pill and deliver the entire contents all at once, providing a faster and more intense high than simply swallowing the pill.

Oxycontin users also develop tolerance, the need to take increasingly larger and more frequent doses in order to recreate the high that they experienced with the original dose, quite rapidly. Some addicts may take as much as 20 times the original dose. Because the body develops a physical dependence on the drug, addicts may begin to experience Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms as soon as 6 hours after their last dose. Withdrawal symptoms are extremely unpleasant and, for this reason, addicts should undergo medically supervised detox when attempting to overcome the addiction. This process is followed by rehab in a carefully chosen facility.

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