Vicodin Treatment

Treatment for Vicodin addiction involves detoxification, rehab, and long-term behavioral and lifestyle changes. Because Vicodin withdrawal can cause unpleasant, and, in some cases, dangerous symptoms, Vicodin detox should be done under the supervision of medical professionals. The rehab that follows is a combination of counseling and activities to help the recovering addict be able to function when leading a Vicodin-free life. If the addiction started because the individual was trying to treat chronic pain, counselors will also equip the individual with other techniques for coping with pain, and instill an understanding of appropriate usage of pain medicines.

After rehab has been completed and the individual is discharged, the family and friends will play an important role in supporting the addict as they begin a life-long process of recovery. Recovering addicts are encouraged to join support groups sponsored by community organizations, churches, and other agencies. As part of the rehab process, the addict will learn how to effectively take responsibility for maintaining their sobriety by making use of the support of family and friends and the many community resources available to recovering addicts. If you are concerned that you or a friend, loved one, or co-worker may have a Vicodin addiction, please contact us now to design a personally tailored recovery plan with one of our experts.

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