Finding Employment As A Recovering Addict

Finding Employment As A Recovering Addict

Finding a job in a tough economy can feel impossible for the average person, let alone a recovering addict. Addicts fresh out of treatment and looking for work may feel "unemployable", but with a strong drive and the right resources, addicts can find a job that is right for them.

In fact, there is some argument to be made for hiring recovering addicts, as explained in an article by David Sach, MD on Dr. Sach claims that recovering addicts are highly motivated to return to their old, pre-addiction lives, are loyal to employers who help them find stability and are less likely to take sick days.

Learning Job Skills

In order to get back on the right track, a recovering addict may benefit from a job skills training program, such as the Recovery Oriented Employment Services program (ROES), at the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery.

This program provides education and training to mold you into the employee companies look to hire. Their seven-step program includes basics like: Managing your time and finances, learning to be positive, drafting a good cover letter, knowing where to look for positions, interview skills, workplace ethics and common work challenges.

Testimonials claim the program helped recovering addicts with resumes, and gave them the confidence not to sell themselves short.

Job Searching Resources

Once a recovering addict finds their confidence and is prepared to interview with a proper resume and cover letter, they may be able to find work through traditional means. If not, programs are available to help them seek work.

One such program is Recovery At Work. Their stated mission is that they are "Putting America's 'unemployables' back to work." There is no fee to use Recovery At Work, and the site connects job seekers directly to employers with no middle man. After creating an account and entering your online resume, you will be seen by employers across the country, and hopefully one in your area.

It also may be beneficial to find work through The Federal Bonding Program, which ensures employment for "at risk" employees for the first six-months. This is a free service for employees and employers, and is available through your state agency that is responsible for work force matters. It works by providing the employer with Fidelity Bonding insurance, which protects the employer from a loss of money or property caused by dishonest acts of employees. This can lower the risk of hiring a recovering addict. If you would like to seek bonding, call the following number: 1.877.US2.JOBS.

Hope For Post-Addiction Employment

Employment can be a major hurdle to returning to a happy and fulfilling life after a period of substance abuse. Unfortunately, there are even more obstacles to finding a job if you are a recovering addict.

However, learning job skills and using resources like Recovery At Work and The Federal Bonding Program can make finding a job for a recovering addict easier.

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