Prescription Drug Treatment

Prescription drug treatment involves medical detox, rehab, and a commitment to long-term lifestyle and behavioral changes. Prescription drug detox is monitored by medical professionals and support staff, and rehab services are provided by professional counselors. In addition to techniques for dealing with the emotions associated with a major lifestyle change, rehab will teach the addict how to find and utilize resources and services offered by their community, schools, and other organizations. After the addict is discharged from the rehab facility, a strong support network of family and friends will be helpful in entering this new phase of the recovery process. The recovering addict will have learned to accept responsibility for maintaining their sobriety in rehab and will now have the emotional and behavioral tools necessary to live a happy, productive life free from prescription drugs. Call eDrug Rehab today to discuss your situation with one of our prescription drug treatment specialists. We have significant experience helping prescription drug addicts and their family and friends regain a sense of balance and normalcy in their lives. We can help you determine what type of program and facility is the best fit for you or your loved one. Visit the “contact us” page for more information.

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