While proper use of legal drugs helps many individuals relieve the suffering associated with numerous medical conditions, improper and excessive use of any substance – legal or illegal – may have severe health consequences. Depending on the substance that is being abused, heart attack, stroke, seizures, HIV, Hepatitis C, malnutrition, endocarditis, lung diseases, skin abscesses, deafness, and host of other medical problems can occur. Even young, healthy individuals can die as a result of abuse or addiction to certain drugs.

Drug Abuse

While many drug addicts have limited insight into their problem, those who may be too proud or too scared to ask for help. Even if they are determined to stop using the drug, doing so without medical supervision can be extremely dangerous. Again, depending on the substance, withdrawal effects can include seizures, cold sweats, bone pain, hallucinations, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. For this reason, the safest way for a drug addict to start drug treatment for their addiction is to go through monitored drug detox at a drug rehab facility.

Because many addicts are unable or unwilling to get help on their own, it is frequently necessary for the family and friends to stage a drug intervention in conjunction with a drug intervention expert. eDrug Rehab has successfully helped many drug addicts and their families regain a sense of normalcy and balance through the process of drug intervention (if necessary), drug detox, and drug rehab. Contact us today to begin the process.

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