Residential Program

eDrug Rehab is a leading provider of residential drug and alcohol treatment. We specialize in customized treatment plans making every facet of our program tailored to your every need. Our centers are located in beautiful southern California in small beachside communities.

The average stay at our center ranges from 28-90 days. We offer semi-private to full private suites all equipped with the amenities you might expect at home. Such as cable television, internet access, and much more.

During your stay at our residential program you can expect to receive full one on one counseling sessions from licensed counselors and MFT’s (Master Family Therapists). As well as group therapy and group support exercises. Residents have full access to our gym and on weekends and Thursdays special resident outings are planned and lead by staff members. Activities include bowling, beach trips, movies, and much more. Access to outside 12 step meeting is offered but not required.


After your treatment program is completed, a graduation ceremony is held and you are presented with a certificate of completion. At eDrug Rehab we offer the highest level of care and support available. Our drug rehab service is unparalleled.

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